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The Delicate Collection has been my client favorite. These beautiful, dainty stones are small but mighty in their effect and energy frequency. I created this line to be able to wear and layer specific stones for my daily needs. In my Pop Up Market’s I am able to adjust the length to where each client feels is appropriate and customize. To give you the same benefit, I have added a three inch extender to a 15” round cable chain to allow you to change the desired length to fall where you prefer or to work with your other pieces. I love the effect and beauty of the Delicate stone floating in the hollow of the collarbone. One of kind to fit your needs!

Also, now available in six new, bold chain choices:  

14K Gold Fill and Silver ball 

14K Rose Gold Fill and Silver ball

Silver Ball Chain

14K Yellow Gold - $220

14K White Gold - $220

14K Rose Gold - $220

I choose the highest quality of semi-precious stones, I make each piece with an eye on the most beautiful cut and luster of each stone, no matter how small.

I cleanse each piece of thought forms of the many hands that may have worked on and touched the components, clasps, chain, mined the stones, transported the raw materials and so on. I ask the Universe and the Great Spirit to bless them and thank them for their work so that these pieces can be created and worn for the highest good of all.

All pieces are created with either high quality Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill.