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Last Updated on February 22, 2018

Lucy Bio Shot

My name is Lucy Skrbkova and I have been a Los Angeles based jewelry designer and a jewelry maker for about fifteen years. I am also an actor, reiki healer, chef, model, yogi, intuitive, alchemist,spiritual warrior, an avid student of the universe and the truths and understanding life has to offer. I have struggled with being grounded, and the feeling that my many interests and gifts were confusing and diluting my energy towards a single vision and creating a space of unsettling insecurity about my place in the world and my purpose. I have had many spiritual awakenings and I know every struggle,every painful experience has given me a lesson that led me to new place of radical self love,acceptance, willingness to look at all of my self and let go of judgement. I have found the power we all possess is to change our minds.

Simply put, change the programming and see your life shift to where you are directing it. And as my vision and understanding of the power of minerals to conduct energy through intentions, affirmations and declarations and my manifestation powers expended so did my need for an authentic way to share my healing and psychic abilities to connect, uplift, teach and empower my clients. So this site is my embrace of creative energy and I ask that you keep your mind open and receptive.

This is a sacred space and I invite you in.A little bit about my brand name LINKA,

LINKA means "connection" in my native language of Czech, LINKA is also a name of a Buddhist festival in Tibet. The name LINKA combines the East and West,my love of Buddhist philosophy, and my Eastern European roots. I am embracing my place as a multidimensional being with diverse interests and I invite you to do the same.

I am thrilled to be sharing my vision with you on this new platform of opening my inner journey to you in hopes it will inspire,uplift and empower you to take steps to embrace joy, creativity, peace, love, abundance and all the highest and best the universe has to offer. It is your birthright.

I love working with minerals and creating wearable, healing jewelry. I am surrounded by minerals and I can attest to the grounding energy that has allowed me to step into a positive frame of being. I believe their energetic field calms,heals, protects from psychic and EFM frequencies and opens up blockages, connects us to nature and it’s innate ability to heal wounds and uplift the spirit.

My evolution in my personal healing has given me many tools to share and I will be sharing them in my blog. I look forward to sharing with you my special mineral finds with high frequency. And mainly how to protect yourself so you can expand and grow without disruptions.My goal is to connect my clients to their own unique LINKA piece for their balance and growth.

Love and Blessings to You!